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Dear Affiliate!

We are happy to inform you about the most recent changes and add-ins that
our team has introduced recently to make your work easier and more convenient.
So far all the changes are concerning our new website <a href=""></a>:

- new banners for the site have been added and are available here:
Promo Materials - Banners & Promos -
- we have expanded the list of displayed information about FHG's. In now includes:
Data: Cover Set Name Model Name Free Content ZIP
You can find it here: Promo Materials - FHGs and Descriptions.
- Please pay attention, that the last item Free Content ZIP gives you an
opportunity to download Free Content and associate it with a corresponding
set (FHG, Cover, Set Name, Model Name )
Free Content without associations is still available here: Promo Materials - Free Content
- New RSS Channels have been added for:
and are available here: Promo Materials - RSS Channels
- We have also added Random Covers tool for
All information about its usage and how it looks like is available here:
Promo Materials - Random Covers

Also, we have added new FHGs and Free Content
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